Cheah Boon Chong

Boon Chong was Malaysia’s karate national champion winning a silver medal in the team event at the Asian Karate Federation Championships in 2007. He spent 7 years in the National Sports Institute of Malaysia as a Strength & Conditioning coach. Apart from coaching high-performance athletes, he has more than 8 years of experience in personal training & group training. His goal is to empower his clients to maintain a healthy lifestyle through exercise and making good food choices.

Evy Bellina

Some time over 10 years ago, on the verge of burning out, Evy quit her promising career as an interior designer and signed up for an ultramarathon - without any worthy training experience, just pure stubbornness, grit and stupidity. While she didn't manage to complete the distance, she found her way into fitness and it has been one very fulfilling path ever since. From running fitness retreats in Ubud, Bali to working alongside world-class personal trainers in Singapore, Evy stands by one mission: helping people live better and becoming the best version of themselves.

Johan Buckell

Johan has been in the fitness industry for 13 years. Like most people, he ventured into it as he was overweight and wanted to learn how to look and feel better. He began as a personal trainer for 6 years. In time, he developed a keen interest in biomechanics, anatomy and movements and hence spent another 7 years in the Pilates field. Now integrating both methodologies in his sessions, Johan helps clients to approach their lifestyle and training in a more holistic and balanced manner to achieve optimum mobility, stability and strength.

Jonathan Sukartio

Jonathan was a competitive swimmer competing in Pol-ITE games and representing his club in international meets. With his passion for sports and sound academic background in Sports and Exercise Science, he is committed to applying the knowledge and experience in helping people reach their performance and physique goals. Beyond physical transformation, he believes the biggest lasting impact one will benefit from the process is forging mental strength that will carry over to all areas in life.

Gerald Wang

Gerald is an aspiring powerlifter who used to struggle with his physique and confidence. Growing up, he was a typical ectomorph (skinny) and felt weak until he started training with weights. What started mostly as a self-taught journey, he slowly found his passion in strength training. Truly walking the talk, he has transformed himself both physically and mentally through training and nutrition. Gerald has been a vegetarian for 13 years and is still going strong, proving that it is possible to build muscle with proper planning. With his experience, he aspires to help others go through such growth through proper exercise execution and nutrition. He is currently pursuing a specialised course in Anatomy and Biomechanics in hopes of further equipping himself in delivering the most effective training to clients.

Sixx Ng

Sixx has been in the fitness industry for 8 years. She has a knack for empowering her clients to achieve more than what they thought possible - from fat loss to first chin up, to learning to trust themselves among others. Her own fitness journey began with being an avid runner to get fitter for the arm then she transitioned to training in the gym. Through her struggles to get fitter and stronger, she learned more about her body, recovered and rehabilitated many different injuries and experienced the psychological highs and lows that one experiences on their fitness journey. This experience translates into great effort to train people in a safe, calculated and effective manner. She truly believes that everybody has a quality in them that will help them become better.