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• Need to get back into a fitness routine? • Feel like you don't know where to start? • Have a million excuses why you can’t start now? • Feel like you're too busy or too tired to workout? • Get bored and lose motivation with repetitive workouts? • Train alone and you’re not seeing any progress?


Pro swimmer Vehn shares his fitness journey and challenges.

 I never used to believe in dieting and thought that an active lifestyle was sufficient. After training with omni strength and performance and having seen the results of combination of proper nutrition and training, I have gotten a lot stronger. I am lifting weight that I never thought I could before. Family and friends have commented that I look leaner and fitter."

Vivien LimCredit Analyst

 Friends and clients began to comment on my physical transformation. I had greater level of energy, determination and confidence. My challenge has always been to recognise my limits and my trainer feedback through out the training has allowed me to make tremendous progress on my goals whilst remaining realistic and motivated."

David RawleCEO

 OMNI Strength and Performance believes that training goal should be sustainable. My trainer makes sure that our programme and approach are achievable. In term of nutrition, it's not just about cutting food, but understanding right food choices."

Esther ShePR Executive

 Initially I was intimated being in the gym. My trainer made it very interesting and now I look forward to training. I am more confident and looking better in clothes. It's not about being slim but being also strong and having the energy and glow."

Irene LauGeneral Manager

 Training with OMNI Strength and Performance has made it simple and easy. I am properly taught and guided in nutrition and made understood how it plays a crucial part in training and the whole process. I am now much more confident and energetic as ever!"

Ang Zhing VehnLawyer

 The main difference is that training is very precise, attention to details and really personal. The trainer really cares about the people!"

Alessio RomeniManager

 My fitness and body shape is the best I have been for the longest time. It is the culmination of my determination, dedication and enthusiasm as well as my trainer's competence and passion."

Lay Lee GConsultant

 OMNI Strength and Performance has been single-handedly responsible for my physical transformation. I’ve lost significant weight, gained significant muscle, and more importantly feel better about my physical self than I have in as long as I can remember. Evy, my trainer, is results oriented and fun to work with, and now I’m addicted :) Highly recommended."

Scott GriffithsHead of Corporate Development

 I’ve been training with BC for almost 4 years. Evy and him are very professional and caring. In addition of the usual workout program, they also design customized nutrition plans, adapted to the goals and expectations of each of us. They are both dedicated to their clients and I couldn’t recommend better PTs in Singapore."

DimitriManaging Director


OMNI Strength and Performance is more than just your fitness service provider. We are invested in your fitness goals to ensure that you are equipped with the skills needed to sustain positive lifestyle changes. As proponents of long-term results over instant transformation, we strive to provide the attention and care needed for sustainable results, which we believe can and should be translated to everyday lifestyle by focusing on the fundamentals of training and food choices. OMNI Strength and Performance’s mission is to help you discover your fullest potential, and be the best version of yourself.

Evy Bellina, CSCS

Personal Trainer and Co-Founder

With 8 years in the fitness industry, Evy has had the opportunity to immerse in different training modalities and gained valuable coaching experience. She is driven & relentless in helping people live better through fitness & wellness. She used to run destination retreats in Bali and conducted outdoor fitness boot camps for groups and individuals. She specializes in body recomposition (fat loss, muscle gain) as well as strength and conditioning.

Cheah Boon Chong, CSCS

Personal Trainer and Co-Founder

Boon Chong was Malaysia’s karate national champion winning a silver medal in the team event at the Asian Karate Federation Championships in 2007. He spent 7 years in the National Sports Institute of Malaysia as a Strength & Conditioning coach. Apart from coaching high-performance athletes, he has more than 8 years of experience in personal training & group training. His goal is to empower his clients to maintain a healthy lifestyle through exercise and making good food choices.

Johan Buckell

Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor

Johan has been in the fitness industry for 13 years. Like most people, he ventured into it as he was overweight and wanted to learn how to look and feel better. He began as a personal trainer for 6 years. In time, he developed a keen interest in biomechanics, anatomy and movements and hence spent another 7 years in the Pilates field. Now integrating both methodologies in his sessions, Johan helps clients to approach their lifestyle and training in a more holistic and balanced manner to achieve optimum mobility, stability and strength.

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